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Identity tattoo is moving to a private studio March 7th

I am excited to announce I will be moving to a private studio, located inside Salons by JC at 7860 Vinewood Ln N Maple Grove suite #16.  This will allow me more time to focus on my clients and pushing myself artistically.  I will continue to keep my books open to custom tattoo inquiries, that are within my wheelhouse.  I will be prioritizing pre drawn tattoos, that I will be posting on the Identity Tattoo instagram highlights.  SO if you like metaphysical stuff, glowing symbols, strange creatures, neo traditional, or earthy mushrooms, and bones, keep an eye out.    This will allow me to keep up with clients projects, as well as get to do more of the stuff that sets my mind on fire. 

Thank you to all the clients and artists that have helped me get to this chapter. 

Todd Lambright (aka Lucky)


Not sure what to get?

I will be adding some predrawn tattoo ideas to the identity tattoo Instagram, that I would love to do.  Check the highligh reel for images.  If any of them grab you, send me an email and we will get things moving.  If they spark an idea, of your own send me an email.  You will always get an autoresponse reply , do your best to complete it.  Then we can get you in the books. 

Stay well 

Todd aka(lucky)


the fall energy is here.

As times and seasons have changed, so has the shop. I have always enjoyed working with other artists, and hope to again in the coming year. For the time being, I will be the only one tattooing at Identity tattoo. Identity tattoo is looking for a tattooer, with a strong portfolio, and clientele, to work in a private studio. The shop is currently by appointment only, allowing more flexibility, than structured hours. Send your portfolio, if you think you are a good fit. The consult process is now all online, and has allowed me more time to push my skill set. If you would like to get tattooed, please send me an email via the site. I will reply once you fill out the requested auto response info. Todd

We are going to remain an appointment only studio

Hello, We appreciate your interest in getting tattooed by Identity Tattoo. We are working by appointment only and doing all consults via email. To set up an appointment, email the artist you wish to work with and follow their consult prompts. Once they have all the information needed, they will reach out with any remaining questions, and set up a date that works for both of you. (wait can be a few week to 3-4 months pending project, and openings) Please be patient and open minded, we do have a wait for appointments, as well as reply time per inquiry. If the artist feels they need an in person consultation they will reach out for that. Due to the close contact we have with clients, we do require masks(no gators/bandanas) be worn the entire time your in the studio. If you are unable or willing to do this we understand, but we will not be able to work with you. You may bring a water, but no food/ snacks. Thank you for your interest and support.

Aaron has decide to stop tattooing

We regret to inform Aarons clients, that he has decided to stop tattooing and take his life a different direction.  We regretfully do not have access to his appointment book, so please be patient with us.  Please eamil either artist to reschedule your appointment and we will do our very best, while still tending to our existing appointments.  

As much as we did not see this coming, we support his new direction wherever it takes him.  



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